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Mojo’s Music Academy:
Growing our Community through Music Education

Mojo’s is the hottest place on Colorado’s Front Range to learn music from the pro’s and make friends in the music community. The teachers at Mojo’s Music Academy will develop your musical skills including a strong musical foundation based on rudiments, reading music, technique, mechanics,dynamics, listening, phrasing, and improvisation. Our students are encouraged to develop creativity and have an open mind to all styles of music.

Our faculty are practicing musicians who bring to the class room an understanding of what it means to not only understand the fundamentals of music but to perform it for a live audience or to make a professional CD for sale.

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Summer Camp

Prepare for American Idol or the Voice!

Every day of camp begins with a discussion of the song for the day and we break out into private lessons. Students learn their part for the song then we form the band. We work as a team to make the song sound great and revisit any songs from the previous days.

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Music Lessons for Adults and Children

Mojo’s Music Academy provides one on one instruction for students for guitar, violin, drums, bass, piano, voice, and horns.

Additional Music Services

In addition to music training and classes, Mojo’s Music Academy also offers these services:

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Mojo's Jam Space
The best professional musical equipment for our students